Board Development


"One of the best kept secrets is that we can choose to influence our future by envisioning our desired future, treating our vision as fact, and then translating it into a concrete plan of action."


Ray Rood, Founder, The Genysys Group
Boards serve a purpose and can make a difference to your organization. Genysys provides workshops and activities for developing clarity that enables boards to be strategic leaders in the organization.

An effective, healthy board provides:

  • Legal compliance
  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Governance oversight
  • Ethical standards
  • Community advocacy
  • Responsible fundraising in non-profits

When looking at your board, do you have clarity on:

  • The role of the board in the organization
  • The roles or tasks of the board members
  • The relationship with the Executive Director or CEO
  • The alignment to the mission and core values
  • The board values and expectation behaviors
  • Selection process and succession plan for board members
  • How the board is both built and developed

Investing the time to become effective strategic leaders can help your board move from confusion to becoming a strategic player in the organizational future.

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