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Strategic Futuring For Individuals

"One of the best kept secrets is that we can choose to influence our future by envisioning our desired future, treating our vision as fact, and then translating it into a concrete plan of action."
Ray Rood, Founder, The Genysys Group
Take the readiness assessment and find out
Are you ready for change?
Do you feel like you are watching your life go by, while you are wondering what will happen next? Do you find yourself caught in a routine of simply reacting to your life's events rather than taking the initiative to live the future that you want to live? Or are you charting your path to the future YOU want to live?

Strategic Futuring for Individuals is designed for people who are experiencing a transition - in work, relationships, or life stage - or who simply want to live a more fully engaged life and choose their future in a new way. By going through the Strategic Futuring process, you will know yourself better, gain clarity on your current reality and the ways in which your actions either perpetuate your current circumstances or work to change them, and develop and take responsibility for your own vision of what you want your future to be.